About Us

Creative Capitalism is a consultancy company that was put up by a group of friends who just wanted to make a difference in the world. They are all MBA graduates of Stanford University and were struck by the message of Bill Gates during the Davos conference.


However, they noticed that even after Gates made the speech and it was even applauded all over the business world, everyone seems to have continued in their way, without making a dent in the way that they do business. In fact, for a lot of companies, corporate social responsibility was merely lip service, something that was being done for reporting purposes.

For this reason, the trio embarked on making a study on the impact of the Fortune 500 companies to people and planet. The study was such a success that it became an annual study that a lot of people certainly looked forward to. Even companies became more transparent with their operations, to the point that they were looking forward to the release of the report, noting how much they have improved in terms of their social and environmental bottom lines.

Our point is that business can always be a force for good. It is just important to be able to harness it for good and to enable it to make positive impacts in the lives of people and the sustainability of the environment. In order for that to happen, businesses must be willing to cooperate and we all must be willing to work with them as well. At the same, we must all be brave enough to stand up and let our voices be heard if there are violations that are being done or in order to compel them to become more conscious.

After all, we all have a responsibility to the future generations.