Creative Capitalism Releases the 2018 Report on the Impact of Fortune 500 Companies

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The consultancy group Creative Capitalism just released their 2018 report on the impact of Fortune 500 companies on the society and on the environment.

Leading the charge in terms of positive impacts are several companies from Boston, Massachusetts followed by those based in New York than Houston.

The report is the 6th released by Creative Capitalism which aims to show to the public how the biggest companies in the United States impact people and the planet. Creative Capitalism advocates for the use of business in the pursuit of the common good.

Creative Capitalism wins Green Award

Just recently, Creative Capitalism was awarded the Green Business Award for its advocacy of transforming the way businesses conduct their operations. The award was given in New York City.

Creative Capitalism is well known in the industry and in the business world for their tireless advocacy of environmental sustainability and positive impacts to people. It seeks to inform businesses and various stakeholders of their carbon footprint and calls on them to be more conscious of their impacts.

The Green Award received by Creative Capitalism was given by a consortium of NGOs which recognizes innovative and pioneering efforts in ensuring environmental sustainability.

Creative Capitalism serves as highlight in sustainability conference in Geneva

The work of Creative Capitalism is indeed receiving worldwide recognition. The organization has been invited as an important presenter in the recent Geneva roundtable on people consciousness and environmental sustainability.

Simon Peters, CEO and founder of Creative Capitalism served as the guest speaker in the conference and discussed his work on informing and influencing business leaders to adopt the Creative Capitalism advocacy. Peters received a standing ovation for having been able to influence the way of doing business of 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.