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I am glad that I have met Simon Peters and have been introduced to Creative Capitalism. They were the ones who really helped me and my company in creating a corporate social responsibility program that actually makes an impact on the lives of the communities where we are operating. Right now, the people in Texas where we source our supply are actually the ones who are already monitoring how we are working and our impact on the environment. We like that as it also forces us to be more responsible. Thank you, Simon and Creative Capitalism.

Alex, 50

My company was just one of the many that Simon and his team helped in making sure that our community programs are actually responsive to the needs of the people. His insights are amazing. He was able to bounce off ideas that I never actually thought about and they helped me improve my business. This is why I am so appreciative of the help provided by Creative Capitalism.

Alan, 35

My family lived near this factory that was dumping chemical waste into the nearby water. With the help of Creative Capitalism, they changed their way of doing things and became more conscious of their impact on the people and the environment. I am so glad that Creative Capitalism can actually put pressure on businesses. They really help us, the people who actually need the help.

Shannon, 25

I like the fact that through Creative Capitalism, we were able to take advantage of a work placement program offered by the company near us. Now they are able to help the community they are working in. Very good!

Liam, 18